Data Privacy Services

  • Conduct GDPR Audits: mapping the legal requirements against organisational processes and capabilities. This activity provides a critical view of the maturity and risk areas within the business and identifies the areas that need to be addressed together with associated prioritisation to deliver a comprehensive Data Privacy roadmap.

  • Support Data Privacy strategy formulation: BCS-Business Change Services has extensive experience in assessing an organisation’s needs and developing an appropriate strategy for Data Privacy that meets our Client’s goals and objectives whilst considering relevant factors such as industry sector, budget, resource availability and IT Landscape. The Data Protection experience; qualifications; external viewpoints and strategy development experience we offer are critical when developing a Data Privacy strategy and supporting roadmap to deliver that vision.

  • Immediate Data Privacy Impact Assessments: BCS-Business Change Services have the skills and experience to deliver a comprehensive Data Privacy Impact Assessment on any new initiatives that are planned, such as IT System enhancements or business changes. Our established templates and skillset enable us to quickly work with the business or IT team that are planning a project or new application and analyse the Data Privacy Impacts that require consideration and offer expert advice on how to overcome different issues/challenges identified throughout the assessment so they can be addressed early in the design phase thereby avoiding later rework and corrections.

  • Data Privacy Related Programme/Project Management Services: BCS-Business Change Services has a unique combination of Data Protection expertise and extensive Programme management experience enabling us to lead or assist our Clients in the Programme/Project Management and delivery of Data Protection related projects. BCS-Business Change Services supports Clients from the initial scoping phase right though to final delivery and perform quality assessment throughout the project delivery lifecycle. BCS-Business Change Services provide specific DP Project Management resources who have a track record of designing; co-ordinating and managing the delivery of data protection projects.

  • Data Protection Officer – DPO : BCS-Business Change Services can provide a one stop shop to meet all your organisation’s Data Privacy compliance needs. BCS-Business Change Services can provide a DPO that will enable your organisation to focus on business priorities whilst making sure compliance responsibilities are in-hand and delivered in an exceptionally cost-effective manner. Typical activities of our DPO service include but are not limited to:

    • Meeting all of your GDPR obligations in relation to Data Subject Rights.
    • Assigned as your point of contact for all Data Protection related queries
    • Develop assets to demonstrate that you are GDPR compliant – Register of Processing
    • Highlight areas of risk that may require remediation

Data Security & Audit Services

BCS-Business Change Services Data Security Services are designed to protect critical business data from unauthorised access and as critical business data is generally one of the most important business assets; it’s security is of paramount importance.

In many cases, data can be lost through human error or poor technical security; but regardless of the threat/risk; our mission is to safeguard your critical business data from any potential threats that may impact your business and we offer a range of services to make sure your business data is safe & secure at all times in accordance with International regulatory & business standards from both a business operations & technical perspective.

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